samedi 19 novembre 2011

Wolves Threatened in Wyoming, Southwest.

Wolves Threatened in Wyoming, Southwest.

If the Obama Administration's plan for Wyoming wolves is not changed, wolves could be shot on sight in some of the state's best available wolf habitat -- even on some of the national forests and other public lands in Wyoming owned by you and me.

And that's just one terrible plan that could impact the future of America's wolves.

Adopt a wolf and help ensure a lasting future for America's wolves.

Wolves are a vital part of a healthy ecosystem in many parts of the country -- in these regions, they're native wildlife and should be treated as such.

But instead, some are pursuing a reckless approach:

Southwest Wolf (Lobo), USFWS

Gray Wolf (Photo: Larry Allan)

Extremists in Congress want to end the vital recovery program for Mexican wolves in the Southwest --a move that would lead to a second extinction in the wild for these rare wolves.

Wyoming's wolf plan allows wolves to be completely eliminated by unregulated killing from large tracts of prime wolf habitat and even on some of our national forests.

Every wolf adoption will aid the fight for our wolves by helping us...

  • Expand our proven, pioneering programs using non-lethal methods to help wolves and livestock producers coexist.
  • Work with local, state and federal officials to ensure sensible, science-based solutions win out over extremist anti-wolf views.
  • Build support for these amazing animals in the heart of wolf country through media outreach and public education.
  • And much, much more to ensure a lasting future for wolves and other wildlife struggling to survive.

When you adopt a wolf, you're making an important contribution to wolf recovery. The cuddly wolf plush and education materials that come with an adoption help to teach others about wolves, the dangers they face and what can be done to protect them. A wildlife adoption can inspire lifelong conservation values in compassionate people just like you.

Wolves are on a long, hard road to recovery -- but nothing will stop our fight for these amazing animals.

Make a wolf adoption today for someone special in your life -- or even for yourself -- and help us ensure a lasting future for these amazing animals.

Jamie Rappaport Clark


Jamie Rappaport Clark
Defenders of Wildlife

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