vendredi 25 novembre 2011

Après l'Ukraine, la Roumanie veut tuer les chiens errants !

Après l'Ukraine, la Roumanie veut tuer les chiens errants !

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On 22nd November 2011, the Romanian Parliament voted in favour of legalisation that would permit the mass culling of street dogs. This would allow stray dogs to be rounded up, taken off the streets and kept for 30 days in shelters before being euthanised.

It is argued that these stray animals create a public health hazard. A couple of rare incidents of people being attacked and killed by such dogs have been well-publicised and are being used as justification for the introduction of such draconian measures.

Animal protection organisations working both in and outside Romania have consistently promoted sterilisation programmes as a means of humanely controlling and reducing the street dog population. The Romanian Parliament has ignored their advice instead voting for more brutal methods. It has been claimed that local authorities will profit from the stray dog control measures since they would be granted funding to carry out the capture and killing of dogs.

The Romanian President must still sign off on this legislation. He is the only person who can now stop the government sponsored culling of homeless dogs. Take action now and write to him to urge him to reject this cruel and pointless legislation!

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