samedi 29 septembre 2012

Help us Stop the Irresponsible Killing

By this Sunday, most of Wyoming will be transformed into a free fire zone for wolves. We are leaving no stone unturned in our efforts to stop the killing before it begins.

Under current Wyoming state law, wolves in 85 percent of the state will be subject to unlimited and uncontrolled shooting, trapping and gassing starting at 12:01am September 30.

Please donate today -- your gift will help us keep up the fight to protect Wyoming wolves and other endangered wildlife.

Only weeks ago, Interior Secretary Salazar stripped Wyoming's wolves of Endangered Species Act (ESA) protection. It was pure politics. We have already served notice that we are filing a lawsuit against the federal government's removal of Endangered Species Act protection for Wyoming wolves.
But by the time our case is heard it will be too late for many of Wyoming's wolves, unless the State abandons its indefensible plan.
Up to 60 percent of Wyoming's wolf population could ultimately be wiped out.
The restoration of wolves in the lower 48 is one of the greatest success stories of the Endangered Species Act. The withdrawal of ESA protection and approval of an indefensible wolf management plan turns the clock back on decades of conservation progress.
We have already seen what can happen if the fate of wolves is turned over to states with extreme anti-wolf plans in place. The 2011 delisting of Idaho’s wolves was disastrous and deadly -- more than 400 of that state’s wolves were killed within the first year of delisting. And more than 100 of Montana’s wolves have met the same fate. Now Wyoming is poised to follow suit with an even worse wolf plan.

We need your support today to stop it.

No other animal has gone from protected wildlife to predatory “pest” status overnight -- until now. Under Wyoming’s plan, wolves that wander beyond the invisible border of the northwest corner of the state can be shot, gassed or trapped by anyone at any time. No license required. It’s open season on wolves, plain and simple.

No other animal -- not bears, not mountain lions -- are subject to the double standard that permits wolves across much of the state to be shot as vermin.
In only hours, Wyoming’s extreme wolf-killing plan will go into effect, and Defenders is calling on our supporters to shine the spotlight on this shameful management plan.  
Jamie Rappaport Clark

Jamie Rappaport Clark
Defenders of Wildlife

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